100 Happy Doggy Days

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Today we have Brigitte Harbrow on the blog, telling us all about her #100happydoggydays campaign to raise awareness of how important it is to keep our dogs fit and healthy! It’s a great initiative and one we fully support, so get behind it adventurers and make the commitment to 100 happy doggy days!

100 Happy Doggy Days challenges dog owners to commit to walking their dogs 100 days in a row and document their experience on social media using the hashtag, #100happydoggydays.

The campaign’s main aim is to raise awareness of the importance of daily exercise for a dog and inspire their owners to get up, go outside and get active with their four-legged friends.

My furbabies, Coco and Twixy

While I don’t doubt followers of Dog Adventures are all responsible dog owners and keep their dogs active on a daily basis, unfortunately it is still very common for people to avoid regularly walking their dogs. In fact, an Australian study revealed 23% of dog owners don’t walk their dogs AT ALL, ever!

The saddest thing is, this list of people includes those who love their pets very much. They may feed them right, cuddle them at night and spoil them in every other way but at the same time are unknowingly depriving their furry best-friends from essential exercise.

We are facing the greatest public and pet health crisis of our time. Over 40% of pets in Australia are overweight or obese. Obesity is a disease that humans have transmitted to many animals in our care. 100 happy doggy days wants to remind dog owners that an overweight dog is not a happy dog. An overweight pet has a shorter life span and poorer quality of life, compromising its welfare. It’s sad to think that our furry best-friends, for which we have complete responsibility, have had to pay the price for our bad health habits.

100 happy doggy days aims to gather a community of dog owners to share their experiences of living a more active life with their dogs.

We trust Dog Adventures followers are those who don’t just see walking their dog as a chore, we see it as a bonding session. We want to explore new places and go on new adventures. What we can do now is share these experiences online in the hope that it inspires just one other dog owner to do the same. It sure would make a big difference to that one dog!

Find out more about how you can get involved by visiting the 100 Happy Doggy Days website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

You can follow Coco’s 100 happy doggy days on Instagram @happydayswith_coco


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