Adventure Dog | Simba

Meet adventure dog Simba the Husky and Stephanie! You can follow their adventures on their Instagram page simba_australia.

If you want your dog to be featured in our Adventure Dog Series, just follow these two steps!

1. Follow us on Instagram @_dogadventures_

2. Just hashtag #myadventuredog on your photos!


  • Nice to meet you Simba. You look so active and healthy. You are really an adventurous dog. I will follow your Instagram page since I am so excited to see your adventures together with Stephanie. I hope that you will also post your pics here so that readers who don’t have an Instagram account will also see it.

    • Stephanie & Simba says:

      Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for your lovely comment. Simba is happiest when we are out on the trail. Whenever I think I have some really great shots of Simba’s adventures, ill let Kate know so she can post them if she likes 🙂

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