The Adventures of Luna and Hugo | Bunyaville Conservation Park

Bunyaville Conservation Park

Blue skies and green grass greets us cheerfully as we arrive at Bunyaville Conservation Park, just 15 minutes north of Brisbane city in the gum tree edged suburb of Bunya.

Living in Everton Park, this spot is just 5 minutes up the road from me so Luna and I come here often for a quick 5km circuit bush walk along the fire trails and bush tracks. Most visitors to the park enter from the main entrance off Old Northern Road, where facilities include carparks, barbecues, firewood, picnic tables, drinking water and toilets. For convenience and ease of access, I instead park on the southern edge of the park in a residential street which has direct access to the trails.

Bunyaville has an interesting mix of graded fire trails and powerline tracks on the ridges, and mountain biking trails and walking trails that wind through the gully areas.

We also have only explored the section of park bounded by Jinker Track to the north and west, Collins Road to the south and Old Northern Road to the east. Just going off the trail map, the best options for circuits are found in this area.

Like most bushland areas in and around Brisbane especially to the north and west, the soil is quite dry and rocky on the ridges, with vegetation consisting mostly of dry eucalypt woodland. Early in the morning down in the gullies, especially after some rain, the forest smells beautifully fresh and crisp and the songs of the birds and dry crunch of your feet on the trail are the only sounds.

The paths and trails criss-cross through the park, so there’s always different options to take to keep things interesting. I like to keep Luna guessing which way we’re going to go!

One great feature of Bunyaville is the freshwater lake nestled in the middle of the park. This is by far the main attraction for Luna, who excitedly “asks” me if she gets to go for a swim as soon as she spots it.

She often runs down the trail in anticipation and I always feel terrible if I say no!

This time she got her wish. Although smelling of minerals, I assume leached from the surrounding rocks, the lake is usually quite fresh and never seems to drop in level.

Luna loves frolicking around the edges playing with sticks and water plants, doing her version of “water gardening” in the long reeds.

Her most favourite activity is swimming out to fetch sticks from the deep water and she eagerly waits for me to find one to throw.

Before jumping off the rocky edge of the lake and making a huge splash! I am not sure if anything lives in the lake, but if it did, I’d say it vacates the area when Luna comes to visit.

A nice little track edges the lake, so we always walk along it when we’re done, with Luna carrying her stick of course.

Aside from the main wider trails, there are numerous little side tracks and paths to explore, each of them sign posted to show usage.

If you’re into mountain biking, the trails are fantastic and often include tricky sections of rocky obstacles. To avoid getting in the way of the mountain bikers though, we stick to the walking trails!

The low section following the gully that runs towards the lake is my favourite part. As it’s deeper, it’s often cooler and the plantlife is more lush. It’s also quieter and totally protected from road noise, though after rain there can be muddy sections of trail.

I often hear white cockatoos, kookaburras and occasionally, the cries of stunning black cockatoos echoing through the valley.

There are some very steep sections of trail, especially along the edges of the park. Great for a leg workout!

Back in the suburbs again, it’s hard to believe this wonderful conservation park is so close to the city, so accessible and in such great condition. It’s definitely one of my top bushwalking spots in this area of Brisbane.

More information about Bunyaville Conservation Park or view the Park Map.

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  • Caitlin says:

    Great photos! We go there every weekend. Labrador Chloe, bluey Jessie and terrier Polly are happy to share their “oasis” with Lovely Luna 🙂