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Beginners Guide To Hiking With Your Dog

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BEFORE YOU GO Research where you want to go Not all trails are dog friendly. Generally state forests and parks are dog accessible, but most of Australia’s national parks are a no dog zone. Do your research by checking the local Government Parks website to find a walk that allows dogs or see our list of dog friendly walks. Walk to your ability If you are just starting out, don’t…

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Adventure Dog | Porsche & Boz

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Meet Porsche and Boz the staffy cross and blue heeler from rural NSW! Boz is deaf & epileptic but that doesn’t stop him from leading the adventurous life with his buddy Porsche. Exploring the Hume Weir is one of their favourite things to do, and following their Instagram feed we can see why! You can follow Porsche and Boz’s adventures on Instagram here >> shilinree. A photo posted by Porsche…

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Introducing Dig-in Digestive Gravy Powder

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What happens when you bring two scientists who are mad about dogs together? Well a new superfood for dogs of course by the name of Dig-in Digestive Gravy Powder! Dig-in Digestive Gravy Powder is an all-natural, human-grade, health food supplement that fights against common food allergies and improves a dog’s digestive health and overall well-being. In simple terms it fights the bad bacteria in the digestive system and builds up…

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Easter Camping Gear Guide

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With Easter only a few days away, Kate’s rounded up some of her favourite gear to help you pack for your camping adventures! 1. Snooza Pet Futon – Kate’s favourite mat to flop down on after a day of running around the bush. Warm in winter, cool in summer, the Snooza Pet Futon is made out of a calico cover and an Australian wool inner. Better yet, it’s machine washable…

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Adventure Dog | Harper Lee

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“Nature is my religion” is how Harper Lee’s mum Jen describes herself, and we can see why thanks to her Instagram feed featuring her adventures with her pup! Here is Harper Lee racing down Buckhorn Mountain in Washington, US to greet Jen’s hiking partner as she makes the climb. Our favourite type of welcoming committee indeed! You can follow Harper Lee’s adventures on Instagram dreamlesslp. Image copyright: dreamlesslp Image copyright:…

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Adventure Dogs | Piper and Marmalade

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We have not one but two adventure dogs on the blog today! Piper and Marmalade love to explore the mountains of the Pacific Northwest in the US with their mum Grace! Grace was also recently featured as one of Backpacker Magazine’s coolest outdoor women on Instagram. Congratulations Grace we love following your and your dog’s adventures! You can follow Piper and Marmalade’s adventures on Instagram pipermarmalade. Image copyright: pipermarmalade Image…

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Hiking RJ Hamer Arboretum With Your Dog

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Well it’s been 8 weeks since Alfie was born and I thought it was high time we had our first family Dog Adventure! I have wanted to explore RJ Hamer Arboretum in the Dandenongs, Victoria for a while now and after downloading the map from Parks Victoria it was decided. So off I went digging in the piles and piles of gear Kate has and found her Ezy Dog Backpack,…

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Travelling with Dogs in the Kimberley

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Republished with permission from Kimberley Australia Guide Many people love to travel with dogs, but finding pet friendly accommodation can be an issue in the Kimberley. The good news is if you plan ahead, you should be able to manage these restrictions. There are very limited places along the Gibb River Road that will allow you to travel with a dog, so you will need to plan ahead. Dog Friendly…

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Love Your Pet Day | A Letter to Kate

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Dear Kate, Well, it’s been a big year for us so far, hasn’t it. Last year you had to put up with admittedly less adventures than we usually get up to, but with the arrival of Alfie I hope you are as excited as I am about our family adventures to come this year! There have been some huge changes in our household over the past month, but I want…

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Happy Valentines Day and Introducing Alfie!

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It’s Valentine’s Day here in Australia and we thought what a perfect time to introduce our newest family member Alfie! Kate has taken to her new little brother amazingly and loves to check on him on his cot every chance she can get. We’ve been out for a few walks and Kate’s already learned the pram means the leash is coming out too! We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s…

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