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Reverse Suicide

Barx Active specialises in helping you to live an active life, with your dog by your side. This video is part of a series of instructional videos teaching you fitness drills you can do with your dog. These exercises are designed to give you a workout, and to challenge your dog as well. In this video, we learn Reverse Suicides.

[two_third_last] Karen is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, former aerobics instructor, and Assistance dog foster carer. She is the Director of Barx Active, a dog inclusive health and fitness community, committed to helping people to build their relationship with their dog through shared physical activity.

She is also the author of ‘Before Your Break – Simple Steps to Injury Proof Your Body‘. Karen graduated as a Physiotherapist from LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Australia and subsequently completed a Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Karen has travelled interstate and overseas with sporting teams and has developed a number of education programs in fields such as core stability training, fitball use and injury management.

Karen has developed her canine experience through obedience, flyball and agility training, plus extensive research into canine behaviour. Over a lifetime of learning and education, Karen nominates her rescue dog Tux as her most awesome teacher.

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