Bayside Pet Expo 2013

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have Bayside Pet Expo on in our area. Excited at the chance to go check out some local ‘doggie’ products and vendors, we grabbed Kate and headed on down!

The expo was held at an oval with vendor stalls all around the outside allowing all of the dogs lots of space for play and interaction! It was a cloudy overcast day but that didn’t stop the many people and their dogs from getting out and having a great time!

We worked our way around looking at all the different products and stalls, and getting to know the fantastic people behind the scenes.

First up was a stop at BM Pet Snax. BM Pet Snax are pet treats that are healthy, sourced locally – straight from the farm when possible, and chemical and preservative free. I had a great old chat with Maree, who runs the business with her husband John. She told me they decided to make their own range of pet food products after they couldn’t find high quality treats for their own four legged family members. It was far too difficult to find treats that were 100% Australian sourced and didn’t have high quantities of sugar, salt or preservatives.

Maree said something that just made me sit back and really respect her work ethos, “We will never be rich from doing this, but it’s what we love and that’s all that matters in the end isn’t it”. I totally agree Maree! I bought a pack of treats for Kate and I love the fact I can give her a treat that is actually healthy and adds to her overall dietary needs!

Next stop was hanging out with two Irish Wolfhounds at the Foodie Pooch stand! These two towering gentle giants stood ever so patiently as Kate acted very puppy like and tried to lick their noses as a hello. As I was examining the Foodie Pooch goods, the smaller of the two wolfhounds decided he liked Kate and they had a grand old play! Was very funny to watch Kate try and pounce on a dog 3 times her size (and half her age) and vice versa! After a bit more of a play, we moved on to the agility area.

Here was a bit of madness! Dogs and their owners running through the courses, and many a traffic jam with some of the dogs refusing to go through some equipment or in Kate’s case deciding halfway through a ramp run she’d had enough and would jump off!

I’ve never tried Kate on proper agility but after getting a bit of a taste of it, I think I definitely want to get her into it. It is a great activity that both exercises and engages your dog’s mind and body but also strengthens obedience and communication between owner and dog. Kelpie’s are intelligent and highly active dogs so this is a great activity for Kate!

Onwards to more stalls including Vets Beyond Borders who are an Australian-based, not-for-profit organisation established by veterinary volunteers. They focus on coordinating and running veterinary based animal and public health programs in developing communities of the Asia and Pacific region. This organisation does such amazing work and it was great to chat to the volunteers about their work.

We then visited Dogtime where we met Ollie, a gorgeous brindle staffy who is looking for his forever home! If you are interested in providing Ollie a home where he will be part of the family, please get in touch with Dogtime here.

Further on we saw the wonderful rescue Greyhound Safety Net that takes greyhounds in after their racing days to be rehomed and live out their lives on the couch. There has been a lot of recent media coverage about greyhound racing, in particular the horrific fate of dogs who don’t make the cut in the industry. It was a welcome site to see a rescue dedicated to giving these gentle creatures a life of love they deserve.

Finally we came up to the stall of one of my favourite organisations, Melbourne Pet Ambulance Rescue and Rehab. Melbourne Pet Ambulance is run by Julie who is a qualified and very experienced Emergency Vet Nurse. They not only provide transport for sick or injured animals to vets but they also run a rescue as well.

Recently MPA had 3 litters of unwanted pups surrendered. Along with the two orphan malamute pups they have been hand raising, this brings them up to 22 pups under 12 weeks old that need constant care. I have long been a fan of MPA’s work so please check out their website to find out more about the many ways you can help!

It was a great expo with lots of different and interesting vendors – and lots of activities for the dogs! We had a very tired Kate for the car ride home! Met so many great doggie people, and heard their stories on why they got into a pet based business. After all, in the words of Maree from BM Pet Snax, “It’s what we love!”. Looking forward to the next one!

What do you love most about Pet Expos? Is it meeting local like minded people? Getting to know local dog product producers? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Nice roundup of the day. sounds like some interesting stalls & businesses down your way. Impressed by the Pet Ambulance & the Vets Beyond Borders. First I’d heard of either. Great too that you’ve got some wonderful rescue organisations such as the Greyhound Safety Net & DogTime – always marvel at these people working so selflessly for the animals in our community…..

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