Beginners Guide to Hiking with your Dog

Here is the next in my series of posts for the brilliant Puppy Tales. The third in my adventure series for Puppy Tales is a Beginners Guide to Hiking with your Dog.

“Have you ever wanted to try hiking with your dog, but thought it would be too hard or didn’t know where to start? I’ll let you in on a secret – hiking with your dog is actually just walking your dog on dirt tracks! Ok yes, it also generally involves rougher terrain, steeper inclines and tends to be more remote than your average daily walk, but hiking with your dog really is just another way of walking your dog.

With the leaves turning, Autumn is a great time of year to go hiking. The days are still mild, the summer flies have dropped off and there is less risk of snakes with the cooler weather upon us.

As always preparation is key to having a safe and enjoyable trip. So follow these steps to have a fun hiking adventure with your dog.

Read the rest over at Puppy Tales here!


  • Thank you for sharing us these beginners guide hiking dog. I agree that you should be prepared if you are going on a trip with your dog and you know what you are going to take. Thanks again and by the way, I love all your pics.

  • You are welcome Jennifer. It seems that Kate loves to pose for a pic. I like her last pic in your adventure wherein she stands and you can see a beautiful view. She’s like a queen and owns the world.
    I agree that dogs are the best trail partners since they will not complain.

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