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Beginners Guide To Hiking With Your Dog

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BEFORE YOU GO Research where you want to go Not all trails are dog friendly. Generally state forests and parks are dog accessible, but most of Australia’s national parks are a no dog zone. Do your research by checking the local Government Parks website to find a walk that allows dogs or see our list of dog friendly walks. Walk to your ability If you are just starting out, don’t…

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Easter Camping Gear Guide

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With Easter only a few days away, Kate’s rounded up some of her favourite gear to help you pack for your camping adventures! 1. Snooza Pet Futon – Kate’s favourite mat to flop down on after a day of running around the bush. Warm in winter, cool in summer, the Snooza Pet Futon is made out of a calico cover and an Australian wool inner. Better yet, it’s machine washable…

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Hiking RJ Hamer Arboretum With Your Dog

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Well it’s been 8 weeks since Alfie was born and I thought it was high time we had our first family Dog Adventure! I have wanted to explore RJ Hamer Arboretum in the Dandenongs, Victoria for a while now and after downloading the map from Parks Victoria it was decided. So off I went digging in the piles and piles of gear Kate has and found her Ezy Dog Backpack,…

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Travelling with Dogs in the Kimberley

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Republished with permission from Kimberley Australia Guide Many people love to travel with dogs, but finding pet friendly accommodation can be an issue in the Kimberley. The good news is if you plan ahead, you should be able to manage these restrictions. There are very limited places along the Gibb River Road that will allow you to travel with a dog, so you will need to plan ahead. Dog Friendly…

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Urban Adventures

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City dwellers, you don’t always have to go far to find a pocket of bushland for you to explore with your dog! There are often heaps of dog friendly parks located nearer to urban areas making it easy to have a mini adventure with your dog on the weekends. We found ourselves with a chock-a-block weekend this just gone, and I was itching for a bit of adventure with Kate…

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How to Fit a Dog Backpack

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Whilst out on the trails, Kate carries her own water and food in her backpack. There are heaps of added benefits to having your dog carry some of the supplies for adventures, not least being able to share the load! Kate is a 17kg kelpie, and as with all dogs if they are to wear a pack the weight should not exceed 20% of their total body weight. This means…

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Snow Adventures and Sled Dog Races

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Although it seems Winter has officially moved on, Kate and I am not quite ready to let go here at Dog Adventures, before we get to tell you about our stay up at Dinner Plain in Victoria’s High Country this year! One weekend a year, Dinner Plain plays host to sled dog racing and teams travel from all over Australia to come and compete. This year Kate, Simon and I…

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Beginners Guide to Hiking with your Dog

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Here is the next in my series of posts for the brilliant Puppy Tales. The third in my adventure series for Puppy Tales is a Beginners Guide to Hiking with your Dog. “Have you ever wanted to try hiking with your dog, but thought it would be too hard or didn’t know where to start? I’ll let you in on a secret – hiking with your dog is actually just…

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Hiking Mount Macedon with your Dog

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A few weeks ago Simon, Kate the Kelpie, Matilda the foster puppy and I headed up to Mount Macedon, about 60kms north-west of Melbourne for a day hike up the mountain. With backpacks stocked (Kate included!) we headed off to the mountain! Mount Macedon is 615m high (2018ft) and is home to a Memorial Cross at the top of the peak in memory of those who fought and died in…

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Waterskiing on the Murray River

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It’s about 6am, and I awake to the sounds of nylon rustling and cockatoos in the distance. The slow but deliberate steps of a dog can be felt, clambering over sleeping bags and legs in our two man hiking tent, to get to my face for a wakeup lick. Kate is awake and determined to get both of us outside to welcome the morning. The sleeping bag comes off, and…

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