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Prevent Injuries to your Active Dog | Both Ends Of The Lead

By | Both Ends of the Lead, Dog Health | 17 Comments

Helping You Prevent Injuries To Your Active Dog When planning any activity or adventure with your dog, it is always good to look at it from your dog’s perspective too. We know how much fun it is to include our dogs in this area of our life. So here are a few suggestions that will help make it a more enjoyable experience for your dog and minimise the risk of…

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Planting a Dog Friendly Veggie Garden

By | Dog Health, Food | 11 Comments

How to plant a dog friendly veggie garden It’s Spring time, the weather is warming and the buds are bursting on plants everywhere! It’s also time to start planting out your summer veggie garden, so I thought I would put together a basic guide of what to include and do to create a dog friendly veggie patch! 1. Soil preparation There are three main types of soil found across Australia;…

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Removing ticks safely from your dog

By | Dog Health | 2 Comments

Hi there dog adventurers! As I’m sure many of you have come across before, removing ticks from your dogs can be a tricky and often stressful business. Living in Australia, your dogs can pick up ticks from the bush to your local park and even backyard. It is always recommended that you routinely check your dogs for ticks to ensure they remain healthy and enjoying the outdoors! Ticks are parasites…

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