Easter Camping Gear Guide

With Easter only a few days away, Kate’s rounded up some of her favourite gear to help you pack for your camping adventures!

1. Snooza Pet Futon – Kate’s favourite mat to flop down on after a day of running around the bush. Warm in winter, cool in summer, the Snooza Pet Futon is made out of a calico cover and an Australian wool inner. Better yet, it’s machine washable making it perfect for camping trips.

2. High Vis Pets Collar – Keep track of your dog at night with a glow in the dark collar. The High Vis Pets collar projects a soft glow and is a cost effective and eco-friendly choice to light up your pet at night! Read our review here

3. SavourLife Treats – Keep your dog happy with treats that are locally made from high-quality, Australian ingredients and contain no artificial flavours or colours. The SavourLife range is full of essential vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 and 6 and every purchase goes to help animals in need! Read our review here

4. Doggone Gorgeous Wrapper – Having the right gear can make or break your camping trip when the weather turns. Keep your dog warm and dry with a Doggone Gorgeous Wrapper, a waterproof shell lined with polar fleece perfect for inclement weather!

5. EzyDog Convert Harness and Saddlebags – The perfect combination for a camping holiday! A harness with detachable saddlebags for when you want to head out for some extended exploring. Tough, durable and soft against your dog’s fur this pack is a winner in Kate’s book. Read our review here

6. Torus Bowl – Ensure your dog has clean water with the self replenishing Torus bowl that has a in-built reservoir and carbon filter system. The bowl removes debris and impurities in the water and can hold up to 2 Litres of water, allowing your dog access to a fresh supply of water for up to two days. Read our review here

7. DOOG Foldable Bowl – For when you want to range away from camp, the DOOG Foldable Bowl is light and compact and a great way to keep your dog hydrated on the trails. Made out of a tight weave Polyester, it has a PVC coating which is what makes it a flexible cloth waterproof container. Read our review here

8. PAW Manuka Wound Gel – Keeping some first aid at hand is always important when camping. PAW Manuka Wound Gel is a sterile medical grade wound dressing make from 80% Manuka honey, oils and waxes. It acts as a natural protective barrier which protects the wound, controls odours and maintains the natural pH level. Read our review here

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