Hiking Mount Macedon with your Dog

A few weeks ago Simon, Kate the Kelpie, Matilda the foster puppy and I headed up to Mount Macedon, about 60kms north-west of Melbourne for a day hike up the mountain. With backpacks stocked (Kate included!) we headed off to the mountain!

Mount Macedon is 615m high (2018ft) and is home to a Memorial Cross at the top of the peak in memory of those who fought and died in World War I. There are plenty of walking trails up the mountain and around the area that make up the 30km Macedon Range Walking Track. As we didn’t have the time to do the whole thing, we drove part way up the mountain and parked at McGregors Picnic Ground to start our walk from there.

The walk started out on wide dirt trails covered in a canopy of trees making for a cool start to the day. After a short distance there is the turn off to the Memorial Cross walk which changes into single track weaving through the grasses and Eucalypts found mid-way up the mountain.

After following this for a kilometre the path opened up to a wider 4WD size trail allowing for Simon and I to walk side by side with a dog each. The sun made an appearance and the light filtering through the trees was beautiful! Kate even made time to stop and smell the gumleaves!

One of the great features of Mount Macedon is how the flora changes from the base of the mountain to the top. After every km or so the environment would change making it a stunning nature hike.

About 300metres from the top there is a small single trail path leading off into the trees signposted ‘Lookout’. We decided to go explore and were greeted with panoramic views of the Macedon countryside!

After taking in the view, we continued our climb and shortly walked out of the trees into a cleared space including a café, car parks and picnic tables. Just a short walk north of the path is the Memorial Cross situated on the summit of the mountain and surrounded by native gardens. The cross stands at 21 metres high and commemorates those who fought and died in wars over time.

After a rest, the dogs were ready to go so we strapped on the gear and headed back down the mountain, enjoying the peace and quiet of the forest after the bustle of the top.

The terrain is fairly easy to navigate and is easy walking – if you are worried about your knees some walking poles could be handy on the way down in the wet, but in dry conditions the paths are grippy and not too steep. We stopped periodically to give the dogs water to ensure they kept hydrated, so be sure to carry enough water for yourselves and your dogs.

Mount Macedon has some stunning walking trails, and best part is they are dog friendly! To keep these trails dog friendly stick to dog adventures etiquette while out there and keep your dog on leash at all times (as regulated), pick up after your dog and leave no trace.

What are some of your favourite walks and hikes? We love to hear your adventures!

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  • Stunning scenery & great photos. Would love to do the walk. I Like the element of history and a great view at the top too. So cool that it’s dog friendly and that your dogs are fit enough to do it easily. Thanks for joining the Walk Your Dog BlogHOp. Hope to see you again next month 🙂

  • As always you have some beautiful photos! The scenery looks awesome and it’s nice that it has a destination to arrive to at the top.

    It also seems like a lovely little hike to do in Autumn, even if it’s a bit chilly, because you’ll warm yourself up on the walk!

  • Oh i love that walk! Kate is such a trendy pooch with her snazzy backpack and Activity Tracker on…and such a happy ending for Matilda the Foster with a new fur-ever home working ‘on the land’! Thanks for the review Dog Adventures!

  • Oh my gosh! Looks like you all had such a great time! I love their little carry bags!

  • Oh My! What a lovely photos you have. I would love to do this walk in this kind of place. You will not get tired easily since will stop from time to time to capture the beautiful scene and to feel the surroundings. I can imagine what will I do if I will visit this dog-friendly place.
    Thanks for sharing this walk.

  • Avatar Rose says:

    Thank you Simon and Kate for helping make people aware they need to keep their dogs on a lead. On that walk if you are lucky you will see koalas and other wildlife. Far too many people let their dogs off lead, which is having a devastating impact on wildlife. Woul also love to hear how you went with toilets (or lack of!)

  • Hi, great to find this resource. I’d love to see where dogs are allowed off-lead, other than the ubiquitous sports oval! Do you know of any good places out of Melbourne?



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