Introducing Dig-in Digestive Gravy Powder

By April 30, 2015 Food 6 Comments

What happens when you bring two scientists who are mad about dogs together? Well a new superfood for dogs of course by the name of Dig-in Digestive Gravy Powder!

Dig-in Digestive Gravy Powder is an all-natural, human-grade, health food supplement that fights against common food allergies and improves a dog’s digestive health and overall well-being. In simple terms it fights the bad bacteria in the digestive system and builds up the good kind.

We got the opportunity to try some recently, and I can tell you right now as good as it is for your dogs, what excited me the most was seeing Kate lick the bowl clean after her dinner – and go back later just to make sure she got every last bit!

Mmmm, is this all for me??

The two Australian food scientists behind Dig-in are Dr David Tivey and Frank van Doore who have a combined 60 years experience in the food development industry, including most notably developing the Schmackos product.

“Our goal was to produce a 100% natural product that fights the root cause of the most common symptoms of food allergies in dogs,” says Dr Tivey.

“We believe in prevention not cure, and we wanted to ‘Dig-In’ a little deeper to the source of the problem, and develop a long-term solution.”

Many pet foods contain ingredients such as wheat, corn, rice, or milk products which are common causes of food allergies in dogs. Dig-in Digestive Gravy Powder is free of any grain additives, contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives and ensures a healthy digestive process to build a strong immune system and fight back against food allergies.

It is simple to add to your dog’s diet and can be added as a powder to wet food or as a gravy to dry food. As Kate eats a dry food diet most of the time, we went with the gravy option. By the third night, when Kate heard the kettle boiling she was doing happy dances in the kitchen, knowing what was about to come!

So yummy!


So with Kate’s paw of approval attached, we’re super excited because we have a 320g tub of Dig-in Digestive Gravy Powder to give away to one of our readers!

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Congratulations Donna K, you’ve won a tub of Dig-in Gravy Powder!

Do you mean to say I have to give this away?


  • Avatar Donna says:

    Hahaha this is perfect timing, I would love to win this! Chase has to take heaps of tablets at the moment for his broken leg, and has become very suspicious of us hiding them in his food. The gravy would help him get his enthusiasm for dinner back!

  • Avatar Kevin says:

    Would love to try this as Sprocket doesn’t need any encouragement to eat his food but Cynder takes a little time to dig in! 🙂

  • Avatar Tracy Rock says:

    What a treat! Gravy that is good for them! My dog loves having gravy on her dinner in winter, but I would be thrilled to be able to give her gravy that was actually good for her! Thankyou for letting us know about this product!!!
    PS: Kate looks like she is getting a little silver around the muzzle 🙂 Beautiful!

  • Avatar Amy says:

    I’d love to try this gravy with my boy as he has suffered with food allergies for 9 years. He’s on a hypo-allergenic diet and the poor darling has very limited food options. He also suffers from colitis and it’s heartbreaking to see him in pain. Definitely going to give the gravy a try.

  • Oh my goodness! What an excellent idea. One of our dogs really struggles with yeast and it can be tough keeping enough probiotics up to him. Thank you for posting this 🙂

  • Avatar Elsina Meyer says:

    Why does this product not list the strains of bacteria and other ingredients that it contains? Lots of hype but no actual details.
    Ingredients list please.

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