My Dog Bugles

My dog bugles. Yes you heard right. She bugles.

It started when Kate was about 6 months old. I was getting ready to take her for a walk, and got distracted by another menial task (which of course had to be done there and then!) When Kate, being very unimpressed with the delay, all of a sudden made this sound something like Chewbacca might make!

Stopping me dead in my tracks I turned around and burst out laughing. Kate was lying there on the floor staring up at me looking ever so sorry for herself ‘bugling’ for attention! It worked and I grabbed the leash and we headed out on our walk.

So, of course me reinforcing this behaviour, she has learned that bugling helps get her what she wants! I truly cannot help it. The sound she makes is so endearing and funny she makes me laugh every time she makes it!

Last night I got home and before I even started getting changed into walk clothes, she was there bugling at me. She has learnt this is a way to communicate what she wants, and to be honest – I’m ok with it! I prefer this to jumping and barking!

So here is my bugling dog, waiting and very ready for her walk!

Walk time! from Dog Adventures on Vimeo.

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