Canny Collar Review

Hi, my name is Jen, and my dog doesn’t walk well on a lead. It’s a bit shameful to admit it, but yes when Kate was a puppy I put heaps of time training her obedience off lead – but was completely lax in the on lead department! As a result she pulls and often by the end of the walk my arm is sore and tired from constantly trying to pull her back into line. This problem is solely on me as the owner and as our walks our now limited to a lot of walking with a pram, it’s essential Kate and myself learn how to walk together on lead properly!

A training aid we’ve been using for some time is the Canny Collar, a nose harness designed to stop your dog pulling on the lead. The guys from Canny Collar approached me to see if I would be interested in testing out and reviewing their training collar (and Magloc connector), but little did they know I already owned one and used one with Kate regularly! So here is my review and confession time how I am trying to be a better dog owner by training Kate to behave well and give me my arm muscles back on lead!

The Canny Collar (RRP $39.95)

The Canny Collar is a nose harness collar designed to stop your dog pulling on the lead. The Canny Collar clips to your dog’s lead behind the head rather than under the chin. This design means it will not ride up into your dog’s eyes nor yank their head to the side. The collar is padded and the single piece of webbing over your dog’s nose allows them to breathe freely and open their mouth (you know to pick up every stick they pass – or is that just Kate?)

The Canny Collar can be used for both on lead walking and off lead play time. The collar comes with two carabiner clips that can be used to fasten the slip line underneath your dog’s snout. This means you can give your dog the freedom to have an off lead run without the hassle of removing the collar.

The Test

Well we’ve been testing out this collar for quite some time – quite a while before we were asked if we were interested in reviewing it, we had already purchased one ourselves! What drew us to the Canny Collar in the first place is that it fastens behind the head rather than under the chin to the side. This means when I give Kate a gentle correction if she pulls, her head isn’t being yanked to one side rather the force is distributed evenly and is better for Kate’s neck should that happen.

For me, the Canny Collar is very easy to put on your dog. Fasten the buckle and straps just behind the ears and around your dog’s chin. Make sure the collar is nice and high and does sit just behind the ears because if you fasten it too low, the nose strap will not be as effective and won’t be as comfortable for your dog to wear. Don’t be worried if your dog doesn’t like the feel of a nose harness – Kate still tries in vain to get it off each walk, but settles down once we start walking! She hasn’t succeeded in getting it off yet, which is another plus in favour of the Canny Co.!

The Canny Collar is designed to be a training aid in getting your dog to walk well and calmly on a lead. It does this by exerting force and tightening the straps across your dog’s nose as they pull away in front. Once they drop back, the tension releases and the nose harness relaxes on the dog. It’s all about positive reinforcement and teaching the dog that if they walk beside you on a loose lead then they will be in the most comfortable position collar wise. Kate has been catching onto this idea really quickly, and is walking much better on lead than before we started using the collar. We’ve even progressed to attempting some walks without it, which is what the Canny Co. recommend ideally should happen.

What’s a walk without some off lead gamboling about! The Canny Collar can also be turned into a normal collar using the carabiners for some run free time. This has saved us a bit of faffing around with the collar each time Kate would have some off lead time and made it a quick and easy transition to training collar and free run collar.

I really like the Canny Co. products we’ve tried out so far. The Canny Collar has proven to be a great training aid to Kate’s and my goal of loose lead walking and the progress we are showing with it’s use is concrete. It’s a gentle way to restrain some of your dog’s energy and not yank your arm off when heading out for a walk, and I’m completely comfortable using it on Kate.

All in all the product has made walking Kate an easier experience and I would be quite happy to recommend them to anyone who also needs help training their dog to walk loosely on a lead.

You can purchase the Canny Collar from the Canny Co website.