DOOG Foldable Bowl Review

When you are out on the trails, weight and compactness is everything! Gear that is durable, tough, packs down small and has a minimal weight is what you are looking for when heading off on a hike. Recently on a bushwalk I tested out the DOOG foldable bowl and was very happy with the results!

The Bowl

The bowl is made out of a tight weave Polyester and has a PVC coating which is what makes it a flexible cloth waterproof container. To construct the bowl you connect the poppers found in each corner together to pop up the sides and create the bowl. I have found it takes two cups of water comfortably on a flat surface, but recommend fill it less while out on the trails to reduce wastage and overflow if on uneven ground.
After use, just unpop the poppers, fold up and carry on your way until your next use! Be sure to dry out your bowl when you get to your destination to prolong the life of your bowl. Lay out flat and the lightweight material dries out quickly in the sun.

The Test

We tested it out on our bushwalk recently in the You Yangs. It was a warm day, so we carried a fair bit of water with us and the DOOG foldable bowl. We stopped every km or so to give Kate a drink and found the DOOG bowl to be a very quick easy way to provide her with hydration. The bowl folds up small so we could just pop it in a side pocket of her backpack and so easy to assemble, stopping for water was a nice easy break.
We often stopped on rock plateaus that opened up to views, the bowl stood up well with a cup or so of water in there to uneven surfaces with no spills.

It’s a great little bowl, that is a nice lightweight, small addition to our hiking gear for Kate.

You can buy the DOOG foldable bowl from the DOOG website or visit the website to find a stockist near you.

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