High Vis Pets Glow Collar and Lead Review

There is something special about bush camping. It’s about getting back to basics away from schedules, deadlines and things that beep. It’s the resetting of our body clocks to wake with the sunrise and sleep with the stars. It’s trading stories around the campfire and burning marshmallows to a crisp on a stick and the best thing – sharing this with your dog! It’s no secret that we love camping with our kelpie Kate, but this also means we have to not only think about gear for us, but also make sure Kate is geared up properly too!

Bush camping means your night time source of light is either the moon, stars or whatever illumination you bring with you. When we camp our fixed sources of light consist of a campfire, some headtorches and lamps around camp. Now throw a mostly black kelpie into the mix and watch us try to keep track of her outside these light pools! I’m telling you now, it’s a definite test on your night vision! So when High Vis Pets contacted us asking if I’d like to try out their glow in the dark range of collars and leads I was very interested in putting them to the test!

The Collar and Leash

High Vis Pets launched in 2014 a simple idea – to keep your pets safe at night. Their glow in the dark collars and leashes come in two styles, a light blue flat nylon webbing and light blue rope and are charged from natural sunlight or bright indoor lights such as halogen. They require a minimum 3 hours of charging to give a glow that can last up to 8 hours and more.

Australian owned, the eco-friendly range requires no batteries or chemicals to operate and as a result is chew safe for dogs. The collars and leashes are fully washable and safe for swimming and other water activities.

The Test

Now we come to the fun part of every review – the test! On receiving the collar and lead in the mail, I was happy to see the material felt strong and hardy to touch. I really liked the light blue colour and was looking forward to seeing how it glowed at night. After waiting for a sunny day for maximum charge time, that day dawned and I took the collar and lead outside and lay them out on the deck in the sun to charge up for that night. As you can see Kate was highly unimpressed she had to wait for a walk!

I waited until night had properly fallen, and got Kate kitted up in the new collar and leash and first did a test within the house. Off all the lights went and I was super happy to see I could pick out Kate immediately based on the collar glow! Can you guess where she was? By the back door – waiting for her walk! I thought based on the glow strength in the house this would be great for keeping track of your pets at night and not tripping over them if you’re trying to navigate to the bathroom in the dark and they decide to keep you company!

I also thought how great they would be for bush camping. You would not have to rely on batteries to make them work – all you need is daylight and if they got dirty or wet you can just wash them and still have a working light up collar! I also found the glow is much nicer on your eyes than flashing light up collars which can be a bit harsh in the dark while camping.

So, after setting the glow benchmark in the house, off we went for our walk. One thing I noticed straight off was the difference of how dark your surroundings are makes to how strong the glow of the collar and lead is. In the house the leash and collar were very visible with a strong glow but when we headed out for a walk and had the moon and streetlights to contend with that glow did diminish somewhat.

We moved to our off leash oval near our house, and here away from streetlights with just the stars the glow became stronger again. I let Kate off for a run and off she bolted (as all kelpies do when they finally get the release signal!) to the opposite side of the oval! The glow collar worked great in close range but I wouldn’t say it was a long distance light up solution as when she was more than 20m away from me I couldn’t see her based on the collar.

Based on these observations I would definitely recommend the collar and leash for close range illumination of your dog, but it isn’t suited to off leash runs unless you are out on very black nights!

I have really enjoyed testing out the glow in the dark collar and lead and have found them to be a great tough product, well suited to my adventure dog!

The range is a fantastic cost effective and eco-friendly choice to light up your pet at night in close range and would be best suited to bush camping and night walks on leash.

The High Vis Pets range currently consists of glow in the dark collars and leashes, with plans to expand to dog harnesses (we can’t wait to see these!) high visibility jackets, toys and other accessories this year, and we can’t wait to see what else they bring out next!

You can purchase the High Vis Pets Glow Collar and Lead from the High Vis Pets Facebook page.

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