Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence Grooming Range

It doesn’t matter what time of year or weather, on our adventures Kate always ends up covered in debris! It comes in many different forms, such as dust, salt, mud – and on the wonderful occasion manure – but the fact remains the same, after a big adventure Kate will inevitably need a wash! We’ve tried a few shampoos now, with some great results, but we are always on the lookout for new products that have a point of difference that marks them as something special.

At the Dog Lovers Show this year, I came across the folks from Joseph Lyddy launching their new Pet Indulgence grooming range. I had a chat with them about the new products and in doing so found out that they had partnered up with Guide Dogs Australia with a portion of sales from the new range going directly to the charity.

A while back I was lucky enough to visit the Victoria branch of Guide Dogs Australia, and see first hand the training and work they do with assistance dogs. The time and money that goes into these dogs is extensive, for me personally the range already had a big tick of approval in donating a percentage of their profits to the organisation. So when the guys from Joseph Lyddy asked if I would be interested in trying their new grooming range out with Kate I was all for it!

The Range

The Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence range consists of shampoos, conditioners and sprays all containing natural ingredients combined with a unique blend of essential oils. They are pH balanced, paraben free, nutrient rich and are hypoallergenic. The range is also entirely Australian made and developed at the Joseph Lyddy research and development laboratory in Victoria.

Conditioning Shampoo for Puppies (500ml $16.95)

A fast rinsing product that contains a blend of natural ingredients enriched with essential oils lavender, orange and ylang ylang.

Everyday Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs (500ml $19.95 1L $29.95)

An everyday oatmeal moisturising shampoo, containing natural ingredients and enriched with an essential oil blend of cedarwood, geranium, ylang ylang and lavender.

Creme Conditioner for Dogs (500ml $16.95 1L $24.95)

A creme conditioner enriched with essential oils of sweet orange, lemon and vanilla.

Silky Detangler for Dogs (250ml $14.95)

A detangler spray enriched with natural essential oils of lemon and clary sage.

Deodoriser for Dogs (250ml $12.95)

A blend of mint, lime and coconut oils that is naturally odour deodorising and maintains the natural oils in your dog’s coat.

I found the Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence a great addition to our post adventure clean up routine. I can definitely say Kate smells much better post wash with the products than her preferred choice of scent on adventures, which is generally whatever animal poop she can find to roll in!

You can purchase the Pet Indulgence range from the Joseph Lyddy website or the range is also available in Coles and Big W.

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