Kong Genius and Aqua Chew Toy Review

Chew toys don’t last long in our house, I can’t tell you how many ‘tough’ toys I’ve bought for Kate only to come back an hour later and find it in bits all over the house. So when Michala contacted me from Love That Pet asking if I (and by I, I mean Kate!) would be interested in trying out some of the new Kong range, I was interested to see if we would finally find a toy that could stand up to Kate’s chew test.

Love That Pet is a new Australian Pet Care Company dedicated to helping provide you and your furry family members with access to pet advice from vets and animal experts and quality products all delivered with the highest level of customer service. It’s a pretty cool site that I have spent quite some time on reading the various articles on pet care!

After agreeing to test the toys out, the order was placed on a Friday. I know they mean it when Love That Pet say they place a high value on customer service, as I received two confirmation emails letting me know the status of my order (which was processed that same day). Then come Monday morning I woke up to an Australia Post tracking email letting me know I’d receive my package that day! It was such a quick turnaround from placing the order to delivery, which makes all the difference in a world of online shopping.

So parcel in hand, here came the fun bit, seeing what was inside!

Love That Pet had sent us three different toys from the Kong range. The Kong Genius Mike, Kong Genius Leo and Kong Aqua. As Kate is a medium sized dog, we got the large sizes in each, which suits Kate’s mouth size best. What was a complete surprise though was the little package of Vet’s Best Rewards liver treats that was also included! A lovely little surprise for Kate that just added to the whole experience.

After taking far too long to take photos of the box and it’s contents, Kate finally got the chance to play with the toys herself and take them out for the chew test.

Kong Genius Mike (Orange) and Leo (Blue), RRP from $13

The Kong Genius range is made of the classic Kong rubber that is durable, non-toxic and natural. Both toys are have hollowed centres for treats making them not only a chew toy but something that is designed to hold your pet’s attention for extended periods of time as they try to get the treats out.

Here is where I made my mistake, I looked at the photo on the packaging and saw they had stuck a long ‘dental chew’ type treat in the end of the toy. So I copied away and put a long chew treat in there for Kate. Little did I know that Love That Pet recommended putting small treats inside the Kong and not larger ones, as the idea is to encourage your dog to bounce the Kong around at different angles so the treats fall out.

I gave Kate the Genius Leo first and lo and behold I looked back after an hour and she’d chewed through the end to get to the treat inside! It was only one of the flaps off the end, so the toy was still pretty much intact, but it meant I could no longer put treats inside that one without them falling out straight away.

Lesson learnt, I gave the Genius Mike to her with some smaller treats inside – ah this is how it’s supposed to work! She loved bouncing it around the garden hearing the tempting rattle of the treats inside. A much greater success – so here is my tip – read Love That Pet’s instructions and helpful tips, they know what they’re talking about!

As an added bonus the Kong Genius Leo and Mike also interlock together to make a tricky treat dispensing puzzle for your dog to figure out. All the Genius toys in the range are interlockable so you can make lots of combinations for your dog to play with.

Kate has had the chew toys for a few weeks now, and she hasn’t destroyed them any further, actually preferring to lie there chewing on them rhythmically, which has been a fantastic result.

Kong Aqua RRP from $14

The third toy we got sent to try out was the Kong Aqua, and this has definitely turned out to be Kate’s favourite! After waiting for a warm sunny day (can be hard in Melbourne) one finally dawned and it was off to the lake to try it out.

The Kong Aqua has a foam core that is designed to keep it afloat in the water. The bright orange colour means that the Kong is visible even at quite a distance so both you and your dog can see it when it’s out in the middle of the water! Also attached is a rope, so you can get those longer distances in your throws – again something I loved for my ridiculously energetic kelpie.

We got down to the lake and I gave it a go, swinging the Kong up and away into the water. I was surprised at the distance I got with not too much effort. The rope definitely added a lot of leverage to my throws meaning Kate had to swim further and got a better workout as a result.

The bright orange colour was also a great bonus especially as the lake water wasn’t particularly clear that day. The Kong was buoyant enough that I could see it at all times, as could Kate from water level. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown a ball for Kate and she hasn’t been able to find it if it gets a bit wavy, so the orange is a definite tick for us!

The true test though was how much Kate wanted to continue to play with it, even after we got home. It was the definite favourite of the three and I’ve had to hide it away, so we save it for the water – and not one for chewing and destruction attempts!

The Kong toys have definitely lasted longer than the other ‘tough’ toys I’ve bought for Kate in the past, but as we found, we still haven’t found an indestructible toy that also offers some flexibility to chew. The two Genius toys are more aimed at creating mind stimulation for your pet and holding their attention for extended periods of time rather than indestructibility, which they do very well. The Aqua was brilliant for water fetch play, and could probably stand up to more of a chew based on the design, but I prefer to keep this one as something special for our water adventures.

The whole experience from placing the order, to delivery, to Kate playing with the toys has been very enjoyable. The Love That Pet team turn orders around with great speed with orders placed before 3pm even being dispatched that day. There is a $5 Flat Rate Shipping on all orders Australia wide and free shipping for orders over $100, making it easy to know upfront how much your order will cost.

You can purchase the Kong Toy Range from the Love That Pet website.

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