PAW Manuka Wound Gel

It’s part and parcel with adventure, sooner or later you’re going to pick up some injuries along the way. Unfortunately for Kate the majority of these happen to her paws and generally occur in the form of cuts and scrapes. The last time this occurred was on a recent cycling trip in which the pavement had heated up to such a degree it burned and peeled Kate’s pads. At the time we only had access to a human first aid kit, so after treating her paws with antiseptic they were bandaged up securely to ensure she couldn’t get access to licking them and ingest the toxic solution. Soon after our trip, PAW by Blackmores contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out their PAW Manuka Wound Gel. After reading a bit about the product, I took up their offer straight away. A non toxic, wound gel that is specially made from natural ingredients for animals ticks all the boxes for me, so I was looking forward to testing it out and seeing how it went in our dog adventures.

The Product

PAW Manuka Wound Gel (RRP 25g $15.95, 100g $39.95) is a sterile medical grade wound dressing make from 80% Manuka honey, oils and waxes. It acts as a natural protective barrier which protects the wound, controls odours and maintains the natural pH level. The gel uses Manuka honey over traditional honey as Manuka honey has been shown to be more effective than the traditional kind in strong antibacterial and healing properties, as it is made from the Leptospermum species plant, found only in New Zealand and Australia.

How does it work?

Manuka honey is highly osmotic and works by drawing fluid from the underlying circulation, providing an environment for fewer inflammatory changes and improved regrowth of skin over a wound.
As always in the event of more serious injuries or slow or non-responding wounds, please seek veterinary assistance and advice.

The gel can be used for:

  • Non-healing and chronic wounds
  • Traumatic, acute and surgical wounds
  • Malodrous and sloughy wounds
  • Burns
  • Abrasions and Grazes
  • Puncture, cuts and lacerations

Not recommended for:

  • Heavily exudating wounds
  • Body cavities

The Test

Inevitably the time came when unfortunately Kate grazed herself on one of our many adventures. I was patting her down, giving her a good scratch all over when I took her paws and she yelped and pulled one back. After some gentle reassurance she let me look at the underside of her paw and sure enough she’d taken a bit of skin off one of her pads. Here came the opportunity to try out the PAW Manuka Wound Gel!

For Kate’s minor cuts and abrasions in the past, I generally have just washed them out with a saline solution and hoped for the best in letting them heal – always with twice daily checks to make sure they were healing ok. We didn’t have a non-toxic dog friendly wound product that could be used for everyday scrapes and cuts. So I was very happy to be able to get our PAW Manuka Wound Gel and bring it out for Kate. On squeezing out a small amount, the gel is quite thick and almost gooey in consistency – very similar to honey which isn’t too surprising!

Kate allowed me to gently cover her scrape with a thin layer of gel (as per directions a 3mm layer is ideal) and didn’t show any signs of discomfort while I was doing so. One thing I was impressed to see was how ‘sticky’ the gel was to the wound. Dogs are active creatures, so a product needs to be able to stick to a wound without running off or wearing away quickly for it to have an effect. A watery or thin consistency gel or cream would not work in this case – especially on a kelpie!

The non toxic aspect of the gel is also a winner, as in between putting the gel on getting the dressing in place, Kate had a good lick of it. Great to know it wouldn’t harm her, although I discouraged her from going back for seconds!

As you know, Kate’s health is a priority for me, so even though I was testing out the wound gel, I wasn’t about to cover half of Kate’s scrape with the gel and leave the other half for a comparison in healing times. What I can tell you though, is the wound on Kate’s paw healed cleanly and quickly. So much so in a few days times when I took her paws she made no sounds of discomfort at all. It also gave me peace of mind being able to send her outside and not be worried about dirt and grit finding their way into the scrape and aggravating the healing process.

I was very happy with how the gel performed and it is a staple on all our adventures now. One tube lives in the first aid drawer at home and we have another permanently in Kate’s backpack for our trips! It’s versatility is a winner in the fact it’s great for both at home use and while out and about, so I know I can treat Kate for any cuts on the spot cleanly and safely no matter where we are.

You can purchase PAW Manuka Wound Gel from the PAW by Blackmores website or from various stockists around Australia.