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As most of you know, rescue is a big part of our lives. When we adopted Kate from the fantastic Farmdogz Rescue, we loved the work that they do so much so we decided to become foster carers for them also. That was years ago, and in that time we have seen multitudes of dogs rehomed responsibly and happily! After seeing first hand the number of dogs in need of loving homes, when SavourLife contacted me and explained what they do, Kate and I were all paws and hands on board!

So what do they do you ask?

SavourLife produce premium products including food, toys and accessories for dogs and donate 50% of our profits to pet rescue organisations, helping them save and re-home abandoned dogs.

You can see now why I was so excited to get on board with SavourLife (how great is the pun in the company name also!) SavourLife sent us a selection of dog biscuits and treats to try out so read on to find out more about our experience.

The Company

SavourLife is a family-owned, Australian company inspired by a passion for dogs and a desire to make a difference. According to SavourLife, over 400,000 animals are abandoned each year across the nation, their vision is to dramatically reduce the amount of animals euthanised across Australia.
To do this they partner with reputable rescue organisations to educate people on better choices and help those dogs that end up in shelters, finding them permanent, happier homes.
Some of the rescues they work with are:

  • Sydney Dogs and Cats Home
  • Pets Haven Animal Shelter
  • Best Friends Rescue
  • Staffy Rescue

The Product

SavourLife treats are locally made from high-quality, Australian ingredients and contain no artificial flavours or colours. The treat range is full of essential vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 and 6 to promote a healthy, shiny coat and strong teeth and gums.

The treat range (RRP $9.95) consists of:

  • Australian Beef Flavour Biscuit (500g)
  • Wholesome Chicken Flavour Biscuits (500g)
  • Tender Beef Strips (200g)
  • Succulent Chicken Strips (200g)

Each pack comes with a unique code which you can enter on the SavourLife website to see who you have helped in the purchase of your product. This code will display the personal profiles of the dogs you are helping rescue and care for as a result of the profits donated from your purchase.

The Test

SavourLife sent us a pack of each treat variety to try out and now that you know all about the company and what they do, you can see why I was excited to see Kate’s reaction! What better way to treat Kate than with a company that operates ethically and donates 50% of their profits to welfare rescues!

But here was the test – would it get Kate’s paw of approval? I’ll let this photo give you the answer:

From the moment she heard the bags rustling Kate was trying to stick her nose into them. After performing the ritual sit, wait she got her first taste of the Tender Beef Strips. She gobbled it up and was straight back to staring at me with puppy eyes for more! The range definitely has Kate’s paw of approval!

Over the next few weeks she got to taste the Chicken Biscuits, Chicken Strips and Beef Biscuits all with the same reaction – more please!

What I wanted to see though was – who we were helping?

I entered in two of the codes to the website, and two gorgeous dogs popped up on my screen. These two packets of food treats were directly helping Davey and Brax from Best Friends Rescue and Staffy Rescue respectively. You can enter in your details to follow their journey from rescue to adoption.

What a great way to personalise and connect with these dogs you are helping! You can also share the profiles of the animals on social media to help get them adopted, raising their profiles and reaching a wider audience than they might not be able to achieve otherwise.

I’m so impressed with SavourLife’s mission, quality of treat range and ability to connect these dogs in need to a wider audience. After working with rescues for years, and seeing how much donations can help and alter lives, I can not recommend these products enough.

You can purchase the product range from the SavourLife Online Store and from various stockists around Australia.

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