Sun Safety Around Water

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Keeping your dog safe from the sun’s damaging UV rays around the water is essential when adventuring. Did you know that water can reflect up to 100% of UV rays? If you are out in the water, that can mean you are getting hit twice by the sun – and that also means your dog could be too!

Here are some tips to keep your dog safe in the sun around water this summer!

Cover up

Just like we do, when the sun heats up covering up any exposed skin spots on your dog is an easy way to protect them from burning. Water clothing like dog rash vests, life jackets and even dog sunglasses can help protect your dog from the rays this summer!

A few of our favourites are:

Surf Dog Furgard

Image credit: Surf Dog Australia

Ruffwear Life Jackets


Image credit: Doggles

Wear sunscreen

Dogs can get sunburnt too, especially our lighter colour and shorter hair breeds. The areas around the eyes, nose, tips of the ears and the stomach are common areas in which your dog can burn, so protecting these from those damaging UV rays is important. Wearing a specially formulated water resistant dog sunscreen can help protect your dog around your water activities this summer – and can mean you can head out for longer and play harder!

We recently reviewed Rufus & Coco Sun Buddy sunscreen and found it to be a great addition to our adventures. You can check out the full review here!

Avoid peak UV times

Seek shade when you can and if there is none around create your own! Peak UV times are generally between 10am and 4pm so providing adequate shade for your dog is important for them to escape the heat and the sun’s rays.

Shade can protect you and your dog from direct and indirect UV, but be aware that reflected UV rays can still get to you even if you are in a shady spots. Always combine shade with other forms of sun protection to ensure your dog is fully protected.

Watch out for hot surfaces

This one isn’t related to the sun’s UV effects, but of it’s heat affect on surfaces! If you are heading to the beach, Stand Up Paddle or out on a boat don’t forget your dog’s paws. Sand, plastic and fibreglass can all heat under the sun’s rays which could burn your dog’s paws if you aren’t careful.

If the surface is too hot for you to walk on in bare feet, then chances are your dog shouldn’t be walking on it for long either!

You can protect their paws with booties or a paw wax to ensure you can stay out for longer safely!

What other tips do you have for keeping your dog sun safe around the water? Let us know!


  • Avatar Amy says:

    There some great tips here. I never really thought about Doggy Sunscreen. We tend not to take Chowski out in the sun or on hot days because being a pug he can’t breathe that well!

    Killa has a pale brown nose rather than black and thinking about it this probably opens her up to getting burnt in the sun!

  • Avatar ajinkya says:

    Hi very good article
    Thanks for sharing up the good work

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