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City dwellers, you don’t always have to go far to find a pocket of bushland for you to explore with your dog! There are often heaps of dog friendly parks located nearer to urban areas making it easy to have a mini adventure with your dog on the weekends.

We found ourselves with a chock-a-block weekend this just gone, and I was itching for a bit of adventure with Kate after a fully booked Saturday. Sunday rolled around and I was determined to try and get even an hour for Kate and I to go explore somewhere new.

Every Sunday morning we go to obedience training about an hour’s drive from our home in Boronia, Melbourne. In between this and a family lunch up in the same area, I took the opportunity to find a park nearby – one that offered a bit of off the path exploration if possible!

As luck would have it I found Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, a lake that allowed dogs on leash right near where we were having lunch. Perfect!

Located in Blackburn, Melbourne, the sanctuary consists of the lake, wetlands, a visitors centre, two playgrounds, walking trails and picnic tables and toilets. Kate and I walked through the playground and open grassy areas in search of what we wanted to find – a bit of bush track to wander off into! We didn’t find any single track, but what we did find was a wide easy dirt and gravel path that looped the lake. We headed off on the lake circuit track taking advantage of the multiple viewing and rest spots on the lakes edge.

It was turning into a warm day, so Kate even took advantage of one of these viewing spots for a quick swim and drink in the lake!

We took our time around the circuit which isn’t a huge walk stopping to explore all the little side paths that you find along the way.

Be aware the snakes are becoming more active so be sure to keep your dog on leash (as the park rules stipulate anyway!) and don’t let them venture off the path into the high grasses as the weather warms up.

It was a great mini adventure for us, and Kate loved being able to sniff and explore somewhere new!

A spare hour and a google map is all we needed on the weekend to find our latest adventure, so get out there and explore your local area – it might surprise you with what you find!

Do you have any pockets of bushland that are your ‘go to’ spots for a mini dog adventure?


  • Avatar Beth says:

    Looks like you had a great day exploring!

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    Looks and sounds like the perfect Sunday adventure to me! 🙂 I don’t have a dog at the moment but there are a few beautiful parks near where I live in the Adelaide Hills and it’s so great to get out on a weekend and enjoy the trees and birds and meandering pathways. So great to just be outdoors, particularly now the weather is warming up.

    • Thanks Sarah! It’s definitely not limited to dog walks is it – I love any chance I get to explore somewhere new 🙂 Especially now the weather for us southern states is FINALLY warming up!

  • I’m fortunate to live in the country so our dogs can have lots of fun adventures. It’s nice to know City dogs can get out exploring too!

  • Avatar Brigitte says:

    A big fan of Dog Adventures! It’s so nice to see dogs getting active in the bush, in the water and just exploring in general! It’s sad that many people neglect their dog’s exercising needs. A study showed up to 23% of dog owners in Australia don’t take their dogs for a walk AT ALL! Dog Adventures has inspired me to try new places, new dog tracks and visit dog beaches.
    On top of this, I’ve been inspired to start up the #100happydoggydays campaign which challenges dog owners to commit to walking their dogs 100 days in a row. It’s all about improving the lives of our pets, making them happier and healthier.
    It would be great if Dog Adventures could show their support especially because of your focus on doggy fitness and ability to inspire people to just go outside and have fun with our dogs!


    • Thanks Brigette! Totally agree that dogs need lots of exercise, and especially in our case with a working dog breed! So great to hear we have inspired you to explore new places and trails! 100happydogdays has our full support and think it’s a brilliant idea 🙂

  • Avatar alex says:

    Aww what a cute blog concept – it makes me feel like I’m watching the movie homeward bound and I love that movie!

  • What a nice Sunday to have an obedience training and at the same time a path where you can explore. It looks like you really had a great time Jen. What an exciting adventure you had.

  • Avatar Amy says:

    Ooh! Looks like a great place and one that is very near to me. This will be our next adventure spot 🙂

  • Avatar Dani and Thistle says:

    Suddenly wondering if we may run into you some time! We too travel to our dog classes every sunday (only 40 mins for us tho!), which are near that park. Our classes are in Kew, so near there.

    Would you say it was a busy or quiet park? We like to go for a quiet walk after the classes. We’re both so tired! But there is much sniffing for the dog to do.

    If you haven’t checked it out yet, Diamond Creek reserve has walking tracks aplenty. The dog park isn’t so great, too many dogs and too risky, but the walking tracks go for awhile and you can go “offroad” with your dog.

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