Hiking with your Dog

This past week was National Walk Your Dog Week in the US, so to celebrate getting out there and walking your dog I thought I would share my favourite types of walks with Kate the Kelpie!

Without fail my favourite type of walking Kate is hiking trails. Australia is such an amazing diverse country, our environment ranges from beach to rainforest to bush to desert. I truly love nothing more than escaping to a trail with Kate and leaving the stress of daily work behind.

As we live in the suburbs, after work walks generally consist of hitting up our regular trails (we live near the beach and wetlands so we do get pretty spoilt for great walks close to home) but on the weekends we can really get away and explore somewhere new and challenge ourselves with new terrain and environments.

What I love about hiking is the undulating tracks and variety of terrain you can push yourself to conquer. You will always push yourself harder to climb that hill or maybe run a little when you have your best friend pushing you along!

Dogs thrive on new experiences and challenges, watch them come alive when you take them somewhere new and together you explore a new trail. I have written before about the special bond you form with your dog on the trails in my Trail Running with your Dog post, but it truly does happen, when you are in remote situations away from distractions you become in tune to each other’s signals and behaviours. The trust and understanding formed between you and your dog on the trails is an incredibly special bond and connection!

Hiking with your dog is an amazing experience so get out there with your K9 buddy and explore our amazing country!

Do you hike with your dog? What is your favourite part of hitting the trails with your dog?

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  • Wish we had a few more ‘hiking’ trails up this way. Most of it is rainforest – National Park & no dogs allowed. BUT we have lots of beaches to choose from & plenty of cane fields to walk/ride through so I’m only a tiny bit jealous of your southern terrain. Thanks for joining us on the Walk your Dog Blog Hop & great to read about yours & Kate the Kelpies adventures!!

    • Avatar Jen says:

      Love being part of the Walk your Dog Blog Hop! We definitely do not get cane fields here so I think that would be an awesome different experience for us! I’m getting my list of dog friendly hikes in Queensland together and there are a few, but mostly state forests. Will definitely keep the adventures coming, thanks for organising the Paws and Pedals and BoingyDog blog hop!

  • We’ve taken Duke on some easier hikes and we’ve all enjoyed it! He did well walking up steep inclines and over rocks. I’d love to get him a pack to carry for next summer so we can go father and make sure we’ve got enough food and water for him too.

    • Avatar Jen says:

      That’s awesome Jessica! I’m sure Duke absolutely loves hiking and loves you for taking him πŸ™‚ Kate has a Ruffwear Approach Pack (can see our review here if you like) and I find that carries enough water and food for a day trip – even a two day trip if you felt like overnight hiking! The Palisades pack is a great pack too but more suited to extended multi day trips πŸ™‚

  • Avatar BoingyDog says:

    This is a fantastic post! Thank you so much for joining the hop and including such a great post – I completely agree that the bond you build with your dog while walking is a unique and deep one that cannot be built any other way. Thank you again!

    • Avatar Jen says:

      Thanks BoingyDog! Love being a part of the hop! It really is an incredibly special bond isn’t it, formed by mutual trust and affection, and I’m sure the endorphins from exercise helps too!

  • Avatar SlimDoggy says:

    Great post – love the shot Kate with the saddle pack on in the woods. Perfect. You are so right about dogs loving new experiences – I try to mic it up with my guys because they do show such enthusiasm for a new spot – all those new smells!

    • Avatar Jen says:

      Thanks SlimDoggy! Mixing it up really does make a difference, really notice the difference both in myself and Kate after a walk somewhere new! Kate is wearing a Ruffwear Approach Pack and as you can see it doesn’t limit her speed much at all!

  • Avatar GizmoGeodog says:

    The great thing about geocaching is that it gets out out on hiking trails, often out-of-the-way and lets us explore…we don’t have a lot of elevation change here in Florida but we do have a variety of terrains from jungle to desert and Gizmo and I have had fun on all of them

    • Avatar Jen says:

      Geocaching is awesome! Kate and I have gone for a bit of a geocache adventures before – definitely took us to new places! What a great idea to add something different to your regular walk!

  • Avatar Nailah Bone says:

    We love going on hikes! πŸ™‚ We used to go on them occasionally, but now that we live in a pretty urban environment we aren’t able to anymore πŸ™ We still go for walks!

    • Avatar Jen says:

      I think any type of walking is great! I love our regular walks and I know Kate does too, we live at least an hour plus drive away from any real hikes so they are always a special treat and something to look forward to πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Jo says:

    Great post! I used to love to hike with my red heeler

  • Avatar Emilia Berra says:

    Hi there,

    I’m so glad this website exists! I love taking my dogs on hiking adventures but I’ve struggled to identify many dog friendly over night hikes.

    Could I get some suggestions of over night hikes to do with my dogs? Paid or free, I don’t care!

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