Win One of Four Sun Buddy Sunscreens for your Dog!

By November 4, 2014 Giveaway 7 Comments

This week is Sun Smart week here at Dog Adventures, and we are dedicating the week to advice and gear to keep your dog safe in the sun this summer.

We recently got to test out and review the new sunscreen Sun Buddy from Rufus & Coco. We are super excited because not only did we find it to be a great sunscreen for dogs, but we have FOUR to give away to Dog Adventures readers!

To enter

1. First leave a comment below on why your dog would love a Sun Buddy sunscreen.

2. Then to finish, head on over to our Rufus & Coco Sun Buddy review and you can finish your entry there!

This competition has now closed. Congratulations to our winners! Deborah, Gemma, Chan and Brittany!


  • Avatar Deborah Bolam says:

    This sun cream would be great for my dog espically being water proof

  • Avatar Gavin says:

    My dog loves to lie out in the sun during the day this cream would be ideal don’t think it would stay on his nose for long but all depends on what it tastes like

  • Avatar Chan Krug-Lai says:

    My dog is black but he loves to take sunbaths and the beach so a sunscreen for his belly and his nose would be awesome.

  • Avatar Gemma says:

    My mind has naturally started to think about sun protection for my best friend as I’ve noticed my own skin already tanning up from our daily walks in the afternoon sun. I love our afternoon walks, but I love him too much to let his big weimaraner nose get damaged by the Aussie sun – I think Sun Buddy might just be the answer!

  • Avatar Vicki M says:

    Funny, but I am researching sunscreen for dogs at this very moment as I have a white faced young dog with lots of pink on his nose and pink bottom eye rims (might need some sunglasses for him – do they make such a thing for dogs?). I’ve seen the Rufus & Coco Sun Buddy on shelf and definitely now on my Woolworths shopping list. I’ve read that we should not use human sunscreen on our dogs as some of the ingredients in ours can be hazardous to them.

  • Avatar Helen says:

    My Holly loves everything about summer – lazing in the sun, swimming at the beach, and running in the park. Sun Buddy would let her enjoy herself for longer without her concerned human parents coaxing her inside!

  • Avatar Brittany Back says:

    My 2 dogs Narla and Benji LOVE laying out in the sun! We go to the river every weekend, dog park every afternoon and they play in their clam shell pool day. So they are always in the sun. Both dogs have a pink nose, pink eye lids as well as clear pink ears which are prone to sun burn. I would love to be able to use some sun protection to prevent sun cancer!
    what’s even better is that this is water proof so even better for our river play dates!

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